12 Tips to Make Your ‘Selfie’ Look Professional (and one that you’ll actually like!)

On the positive side of all this at-home time you’ve been given, look at updating your profile images. You always need an up to date photograph of yourself in business! These tips should see you through until you can book a branding session with a professional photographer!

1. Use a tripod or prop up your phone/camera so you can be further back than your arm’s length to get a better angle – you can crop closer in on the image later if needed.

2. Use the timer on your camera, 3 or 5 seconds is a good average. Any less and you’ll run out of time to pose, any longer and you’ll stiffen up waiting for the click.

3. Find a one colour or uncluttered wall for your backdrop. Wood or brick works very well too.

4. Use natural light ideally – if inside, face a large window and have your backdrop behind you. This will be really flattering, soft, even light!

5. Turn off any overhead lights – these will only add an odd colour and harsh shadows under the eyes and nose.

6. Most phones let you brighten (increase exposure) with the camera screen functions – use the slider to lighten the shot before you take it. Take advantage of the background blur or portrait modes too!

7. Try to sit if you can or lean against the wall (but maintain good posture!) you’ll feel more relaxed and have something for your body to do, which will help you feel less awkward!

8. Involve your hands – in your pockets, arms folded or hand under chin. This can stop your photograph looking like a passport shot. Practice the pose a few times beforehand!

9. Find YOUR angle – look at your face in the phone screen or a mirror and move your face from straight on then around “the clock” like in my example below. You’ll find a sweet spot that you prefer!

10. Ever so slightly push your chin out and then a little bit down (you’ll feel like a chicken!) Most people rest back into their faces naturally, this trick just helps to elongate and magic away any double chin worries!

11. Give a fake laugh just before the shot is taken – bit cheesy but it does help your face relax and natural laughter and smiles will follow!

12. Give yourself plenty of time, don’t rush and delete as you go so you don’t have hundreds to pick through later!

Extra tip if you really struggle to like your selfie photos – bit of a weird one BUT: reverse the image afterwards! Most editing apps can do this – give it a go!!

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